Statistically 51% of the populace is female and that goes for Clan Boylan also. Although a part of Irish Clan identity stems from paternal Y-Chromosomes and family names, we know that 51% of Boylan Clan are Clanswomen who contribute blood, sweat and tears, childbirth, years of homemaking plus many professional, academic, artistic, legal and sports specialties and skills in addition to their valuable mitochondrial genes.

Of course the well-being of Boylan Clanswomen is of extreme importance to the well-being of Clan Boylan as a whole. Here some comments by experienced Boylan Clanswomen aimed to support prospective, incoming Boylan brides-to-be:

The upsides of marrying a Boylan are

  • The charm of Irish men can be irresistible.
  • The Irish connection is good - there still is magic in Ireland!
  • Boylan men are normally excellent long-term companions.
  • Your Boylan mother-in-law will be your helpful sponsor into Clan and tell you all that you need to know in order to become a proud and effective Boylan Clanswoman.

Downsides exist also

  • Boylan men can be challenging.
  • At times they might even exhibit some form of basic Boylan behavior which shall not be further elaborated here. (Remember the bit about 2% knuckle-dragging Neanderthal DNA in every Celt...) We recommend that you have a girl talk with your prospective Boylan mother-in-law about this to inquire about how to properly handle your particular Boylan candidate-husband for the best long-term results.

A short comment to daughters of Clan Boylan. Here you are - all grown up and ready to strike out on your own!

  • The family of your groom may not be from a clan as you know it. Your new family may or may not have strong family structures. You might have to build up your own connections.
  • Remember that you and your children remain Boylan Clan members. The Clan hopes that you (like many other married-off, but still much-loved Boylan Clanswomen) continue to support Clan events and Boylan genealogy work in the future. Dont forget to pass on your Boylan Clan heritage!

Clan Boylan is very proud of Boylan Clanswomen!

At this point we also wish to point out that we are equally proud of the valuable contributions of those statistically 14% of the populace/Clanpersons who may (or may not) refer to themselves as diverse! Please continue to support your Clan!