Irish sources have informed us that there is no such thing as a family crest in Irish history. Coats of arms were only granted to individuals. Stricly speaking that might be correct, but the Boylan clan does recognize that family crests are commonly used in the USA and elswhere. The Boylan clan has many branches and varied history so there is no single approved Boylan Clan crest (at this time).

Scott Boylan of Colorado has been working on the Boylan crest in Photoshop and has donated the three crests below to the Boylan clan under the creative commons license. This means that you are free to rightmouse and copy the crests for private use. Tip - great for Windows Wallpaper. Many THANKS to Scott for this clan-friendly deed :-) 

Source: Ryan Boylan

Hedgelock and Breton Woods version

German National Eagle

public domain

 Does your branch of the Boylan family have any story about the curiously germanic looking black Boylan eagle or raven? The origin seems to be an eagle or raven facing left, with shield, helmet and fleur added at a much later date.

Way back in history, a family member would have been given a grant of arms by the chief herald in return for service to the public; Queen; country or suchlike. Perhaps a Boylan was of some service militarily or participated in local government (Bold Kings of Dartraighe) in Ireland and this service was rewarded by the high king with a grant of arms. Documentation of exactly why the arms were granted to which Boylan is not available to the Webmaster yet. If you have authentic information, please click here.

The british lore about ravens leads Joan Burke to an interesting theory: The English monarchs supposedly kept a specified number of ravens.  Even to this day, there is a royal birdkeeper.  An old prophecy said that if the English rulers did not keep the ravens birds, the monarchy would fail.  Perhaps, there once was a royal raven keeper named Boylan surmises Joan, a friend of the Boylan clan in Pennsylvania, pointing to her source, a book titled Birds in Winter

Lorcan Boylan in the UK believes that the bird in our crest is in fact a phoenix ,a mythical bird rising from its own ashes.

Commercial sites sell family crest articles for example here

Don Boylans version

Dunham Arms

This one with the retro spelling is from Ryan Boylan

Voorhees Arms

George W.  Boylan

Other arms of interest to the Hedgelock Boylans:

Hedgelock Symbol

3 stars and wreath for three brothers