Clontibret Boylan DNA history:                    

(For Clontibret history before 5000 years, see Ancient Boylans )

4800 ybp   L11/M412/PF6536/S167            R1b1a1a2a1a Repin  lower don or Volga  Last common ancestor with Colla-Boylans

4500 ybp     U106 /S21/M405/                    R1b1a1a2a1a1 originated in Central Europe, now strong in coastal Western Europe

The similar geographic distributions of the U106 subclades suggest that this group initially stayed put. The upper clades of U106 show no obvious differences in distribution across Europe. This implies a near-stationary population for at least 300 years. In fact, it is difficult to identify clear signs of migration until nearly 1000 years after U106 formed in Central Europe.

4700 ybp     Z2265                             Bronze Age, France

4700 ybp   BY30097                          Bronze Age, France

4700 ybp     Z381 S263                     R1b1a1a2a1a1c   large subclade of U106 Bronze Age France

4600 ybp     Z156 S264                     R1b1a1a2a1a1c1     Belgium  

4100 ybp     S5520                            Grimsby, England ?

 3800 ybp      FGC48296                   Grimsby, England

3400 ybp       S5556                             R1b1a1a2a1a1c1b1  Isles/Belgium

 2000 ybp      Y19781                          Wales or Wessex

 1800 ybp     A9845                              Ireland

 1100 ybp      BY16147                         Ireland

390  ybp        BY16139                       Ireland      

   The Mullen Project is of interest for Clontibret Boylans. This project serves as a gathering point for Irish tested core SNP U106 plus descending subclade Z156* and subclades S5520 (chromo2), FGC11697, 11660, 14326 Irish surnames Boylan, Callanan, Clarke, Coleman, Egan, Hennis, Hughes, Kavanagh, Keane, Kelley, Kennedy, Lohan, Logan, Lowry, McCoy-McKee-McCouey, Madden, McLaughlin-Loughlin, Moore, Neely, Pelan and Traynor

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