The Y chromosome is passed from father to son for generations without many changes. Boylans and Boyles (Beauvilles from France) are in fact separate clans. Most Boylans (in fact 45% of west Europeans) have R1-Subclade-R1b1a2 (SNP M269) .

BIG Y-DNA analysis has confirmed that legitimate male Boylan Clan members additionally carry the haplogroup R-Z3000 Y-DNA from King Colla fo Crioch. Sorry ladies its basically a patriarchal system hardwired through the Y-Chomosomes, however you do have an important role to play to help our project: Motivate your Boylan spouse to join the DNA project. Come on - we know that your Boylan will usually react very well to your motivational efforts - its in his genes! Or you might give your Boylan son a Y 37 test as a present when he turns 18 or graduates or something like that.

Due to our heritage, you might find the following DNA projects interesting:

* Clan Boylan DNA Project Please join up and help our Clan project !

* The FTDA Clan Colla Project has proven that Colla DNA does NOT descend from Nail of the nine hostages! Josiah McGuire discovered Clan Colla DNA with the R-Z3000 SNP in 2007. Clan OBoylan is in the Colla tree.

The Clan Colla Null 425 Project stems from the discovery that in haplogroup R1b1a2a1a1b4 (L21) Z3004 clade there is a single subset carrying a null at DYS 425. This haplotype is associated with only one grouping of Irish clans and surnames, each of which by historical records emanates from The Three Collas, a successful aggressive clan flourishing 300-400 AD. This gives us an estimate of the time of the mutation to the null a little before 300 AD. Clans historically derived from the Collas include Biggins/Beggan, Calkins/Colcan, Carroll, Connolly, Devine, Hart, Higgins, Hughes, Kelly, MacDougall, McAuley, McClain, McDonald, McGuire, McKenna, McMahon, McQuillan, Monahan, Neal, Roberts, Roderick, and Rogers

* OFlanagan Project Geographic neighbor Clan in Oriel

* MacMahon Project A related Colla Sept and powerful old neighboring Clan in Oriel

Many questions come to mind:

  • Which dates are more correct in ancient Boylans - those of FamilyDNA or Wikipedia?
  • Can a close kinship with the Flanagans be proven?
  • Can a close kinship with the Donohues be proven?
  • Where do lots of people with DNA very similar to ours live today?

The OBoylan Clan has initiated a DNA project to investigate these issues. The best methodology is said to be that of Dennis M Wright, 2009. A Set of Distinctive Marker Values defines a Y-STR Signature for Gaelic Dalcassian families. Journal of Genetic Genealogy, 5(1):1-7. Available at

Join the Boylan DNA project provided by the company FamilyTreeDNA. We suggest to select the male DNA Big Y test. After your test result is available, FTDNA sends you a link to your data.

NOTE: When you receive your test results, dont forget to link your kit number to the Boylan DNA project and click the button share your data inside FTDNA. It is all for nought for our project until you link up your data.

Maurice Gleeson is the Clan Boylan Project Administrator at FTDNA. There is an email button on FTDNAs Boylan project page to send him your questions after you join the project. Interested females are also encouraged to donate matriarchal mitochondiral tests which shed light on clan and family connections.

We hope that future DNA testing and research will provide lots more details about Boylan history and answer the questions above, so dont hesitate. Order your DNA Big Y test kit now.

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