A DNA project has been started to investigate this topic. As will be seen below, not all Boylans are descended from a common ancestor, according to DNA tests.

The Y chromosome is passed from father to son for generations without many changes. One can read about all this at the FTDNA test site. The 37 marker Y test (about 150 US$). www.ysearch.org is part of the FT site and you can upload your Y profile to the site and look for matches. As of March 2010 only 8 Boylans have participated so far and they do not all have a matching DNA 37 Marker Y !

There may be three separate and independant paternal genetic origins of the Boylan name:

1. The ancient Boylan family of Dartraighe (Darty)

2. Some historians in Monaghan say that the Boylans of Monaghan belong to a pre-Celtic tribe.

3. There is also a Boylan  family connected to the Clan Colla. King Colla da Crioch (357 AD, exiled to Scotland) of the Heremon Line (from King Milesius of Spain, 500 BC)

Future research and your participation in the Boylan clan project will shed more light on our historical origins, but you may need to be tested if you wish to learn more.

Due to our heritage, (O´)Boylan and (O´)Boylen clanspersons may find genetic relationships in the following DNA projects:

* Clan Colla Project

* Clan Fraser Project

* OFlanagan Project

We hope that future DNA testing and research will provide more details about Boylan history.