The Mayflower lineage of the Hedgelock Boylans

Edward Fuller YDNA= R-FT14518   +  Ann ? Fuller     ->      Mayflower passengers both died in the horrible Winter, January 1621.

Samuel Fuller also YDNA=R-FT14518   +  Jane Lathrop     

(Sam voyaged on the Mayflower as a boy of 12 - not to be confused with uncle Dr. Samuel Fuller YDNA=R-U106 also a passenger.

Hannah Fuller          +  Nicholas Bonham

 Mary Bonham         +  Edmund Dunham

Jonathan Dunham    +  Joan Pratt

 David Dunham        +  Rebecca Dunn (see the Dunham coat of arms)

 David Dunham jr     +  Keziah Dunn

Sarah Dunham        +   Daniel Runyon

Peter Asa Runyon   +  Dinah Vermeule Field

 Noah Dunham Runyon + Mary Jame McCurdy

Cortland Parker Runyon + Helen Irene Vinal

Mary Carolyn Runyon  + William Henry Boylan IV  (of Voorhees descent)

Steven V. Boylan + Margaret Boylan

Peter C. Boylan + Una Boylan

James P. Boylan & Claire A. Boylan can trace their ancestry 15 generations back to Robert Fuller in England!  

                                                                                                             Mayflower certificate for Peter Boylan.

Revisionist History of Thanksgiving - Mutual Interests?  Paul Deerfoot Weedon of the Pokanoket Tribe / Wampanoag Nation / descendant of the great Massasoit Metacomet says that his people have an ancient tradition of a monthly feast called Nickómmo, which is celebrated on the full moon. The harvest moon is a very widely observed feast in all of Asia too. The Wampanoag may have started Thanksgiving by indicating to the Pilgrims that it was time for the harvest moon festival and suggesting that it might be a fitting to invite them over. William Bradford may have then sent Massasoit a formal invitation. Edward Winslow wrote that the Massasoit & 90 Wampanoag arrived while the settlers were having a shooting match (to impress them?). The Wampanoag stayed for 3 days of partying.

Another theory has it that the Wampanoag were much weakened by an epidemic introduced by earlier explorers. Surrounded by powerful other tribes and mindful of the military applications of the settlers muskets, Massasoit may have engineered a mutual defence alliance with them. A precursor to NATO? More about the first Thanksgiving.

 The "Hedgelock-Boylans" ancestor Edward Fuller was baptised in Redenhall, Norfolk County England on September 4th 1575. His father was named Robert Fuller, a butcher. Wishful thinking has it that Robert Fuller was  descended from Sir Nicholas Fuller of Stepney. To find out if you are a Mayflower descendant click here.  There is also a very nice site run by the Fuller Society that is relevant to our family.

Edward was a Separatist, who lived in Leyden, Holland for a time before crossing the Atlantic with his wife (Ann?) and his brother Dr. Samuel Fuller. Edward Fuller (45, from Redenhall, Co Norwalk, son of a butcher) signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620. Sadly he and his wife (Ann? about 40) perished in that first horrible winter in America, but their son (also named Samuel, 12) survived and had 4 children.

We do not know much about the trip itself, because the captain, Sailing Master Jones died in 1622. However, Captain Villiers sailed a painstakingly crafted replica the Mayflower II across the Atlantic in 1957. He wrote: "...And how she jumped. None of us had ever known a motion like it, not in wartime destroyers, or submarines, or LCIs or in big Cape Horners, or small yachts. She rolled and she lurched and she pitched and she  stumbled, all in a wild, and completely unpredictable abandon that was extremely trying to say the least. Even some of the old Cape Horners (in the salty crew) were violently seasick for days ... The little ship rolled so that the most experienced seaman had to hang on for dear life. If the Mayflower II presented such hardened old tars with a problem then our ancestors had quite a 66 day ride over to Plymouth Rock.   Caleb Johnsons site has more on the voyage...

Click here to see Mike Haywoods exciting paintings of the voyage.