1991 IRAQ WAR 1 

AKA Persian Gulf War, The Mother of all Battles, Desert Storm, Liberation of Kuwait

Joe E. Boylan Sr., 1st Sergeant and artillery surveyor, a 24-year Army and National Guard veteran, son of George W. Boylan served with the 24th Armoured Division in Desert Storm and at one time was stationed in Herzo Base, Bavaria Germany. Retired as MSG.

Twelve years later, his son Joe E Boylan Jr. was serving in the second Iraq war (see IRAQ II below).




AKA Occupation of Iraq,]Operation  Iraqi Freedom

Joe E Boylan Jr. SFC was deployed to Kuwait as an E-4 operating Patriot missiles..


Col Steven A. Boylan Army Spokesman

We have been following his career since we saw him on AFN TV in Korea in 2000. At that time LTC Boylan was stationed in Japan. Around 2002 he was lightly wounded by an knife-assailent in Korea who was upset about a well-publicised incident involving traffic fatalities (female pedestrians) caused by US personnel.

In 2004 LTC Boylan was stationed in Iraq. That cannot have been uneventful!

2009-2010 he was the Public Affairs Officer at Ft Levenworth Kansas. See his medals.

(not to be confused with Col. ret. Steven V. Boylan, Viet Nam War )