Not surprisingly, many Boylans are musically inclined:

 Terence Boylan, New England                                                                                         Terence is back. Listen to Dump it in the river. Here is an album Boona from 68 where Terence plays with Donald Fagan (of Steely Dan fame). 

Terence is not only a musician, he was a child scientist - The Rocket Story

Chris Boylan, Drums

 The Boylan Sisters                         Black and white pic     in the musical Annie

Christopher J. Boylan, Keyboards

Cian Boylan Pianist, arranger, composer, producer, Ireland

 John Boylan recording Guru.            He produced the album Cyote Ugly

 Turlach Boylan, Irish Flute    Here is his biography. Turlach has three albums.                                    This fan likes his music - good citiqueHot Turlach Boylan soundclips that you can test here for free. Yea try it out! Very traditional style         Another Tidy Cottage