Boylan Avenue in Raleigh NC has over 1000 entries in Yahoo

                                             The Boylan Heights Association of Raleigh welcomes your visit to their site:                                                                                                   North Boylan Heights - Part of Raleigh             Artwalk and Trivia ! ! !  

                                                                   Boylan Hall

                                               John H Boylan Airport Vermont

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                                             Boylan Cemetary, Hardin County, Iowa

William  Wesley was the great grand Uncle of George Boylan. Georges Grandfather Wesley was named for him  and that is where he got his middle name Wesley A family Bible listing births and deaths of the family group dating back to 1826 starting with Georges G.G.Grfthr John and his wife Margaret Cayton. It lists several burials in that cemetary that aren't included in the  official listing. Many of the stones are gone and we imagine some persons may have been buried there without stones. (A wooden cross perhaps?)