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Boylan ancestors have been noted bootmakers from over 20,000 years ago up to recent times. We have been excellent horsemen, and cartwrights for over 5000 years, developed mining, farming, blacksmithing, and military arts more than 3000 years ago and have been traders for 2000 years, more recently architects, engineers and pilots.

The Roman Centurion Colla Uais, our oldest known ancestor, founded Clan Colla around AD 331. DNA Analysis has confirmed that Clan OBoylan is a branch of Clan Colla. High King Colla Uais Y-Chromosome has been passed down to some of the current day male members of Clan Boylan, from father to son for 1700 years. Clontibret-Boylans joined the Clan in Monaghan before 1663, bringing their own Celtic Y-DNA, and are equally respected members of Clan Boylan. Persons whos ancestors were enslaved workers of William Montfort Boylan and today bear our clan name can rightfully claim to be part of Clan OBoylan if they wish! There is strength in numbers. Welcome all Boylans.

Boylan Kings hereditarily ruled the Kingdom of Dartraighe, Ireland from 478 to 1457, at one time (AD 1093) controlling all of Airgialla (Oriel including Monaghan, Meath and Louth).


A poem about the Boylans The Romance of Clones came online.

The source of Boylan arms has been identified.

Aaron Carrel Boylans DNA code has been found. He was the father of James and Aaron who emigrated to the USA and established the American branch of Clan OBoylan. Anyone that knows about the deep history of this DNA is requested to share the details click here.

The story how William Montford Boylan helped Lunsford Lane to escape Raleigh in 1842.

DNA analysis confirmed COLLA-BOYLAN and suggested a Colchester Trinovant ancestor. Following this back even further takes us to the Trinovant King Addomarus in the year 10 BC. Find the full Trinovant story in Ancient Boylans. @10 BC!

Perhaps Old King Cole from Nursery Rhymes really existed and was a descendent of Addomarus and an ancestor of the 3 Collas! Perhaps he was your ancestor... Ancient Boylans 87AD.

¿Cómo se llamaba el padre de Juan Boylan? ¿Cuándo llegó a Veracruz? ¿De dónde vino en Irlanda?

Such questions can only be answered with the help of modern DNA analysis. Become an armchair archeologist - upload a Boylan DNA test to the Big tree!


Well-documented family genealogies rarely go back before 1750 due to a lack of records. Luckily, Ireland has a treasure trove of ancient records and annals, which are mostly online and have already been analyzed in detail. This has brought the history of ancient Boylans surprisingly far.

However analyzing deep Boylan unwritten history can only be done with the help of DNA tests. So far only 10 individuals have published their data on the Big Tree. This tiny number of DNA samples has already brought very interesting results, but our clan is so big, so spread out and has so much history, that 10 samples can only be seen as a start. 

We ask you to click on Boylan Name and DNA Project over the next months, because the focus of Clan Boylan in 2021 will be on expanding our DNA sample base and updating these pages. We will continue to publish any important results here in the BOYLAN NEWS.

Become an armchair archeologist - upload your Boylan DNA test to the Big tree!

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