Welcome to the official home page of the world wide Boylan Clan. If your name is or was Boylan or if you simply had a Boylan ancestor, you are in some way, a member of the Boylan Clan. For spelling variants see our name.

On May 15, 2009 the Boylan Clan was accepted and registered as an official Irish Sept by Finte na hÉireann / Clans of Ireland which is the independent authority for registering Irish Clans.

Boylan ancestors have been noted bootmakers from over 20,000 years ago up to recent times. We have been excellent horsemen and cartwrights for over 5000 years, developed mining, blacksmithing, and military arts more than 3000 years ago and have been traders and farmers for ages. Boylan Kings hereditarily ruled a large realm in Dartry, Ireland from about 750 to 1297 and have left many descendants who have spread out all over the globe. Our ranks include many noted academics, artists, musicians and poets.

Webportal Clann Ui Bhaoighealláin. Chun spéis clann Ui Bhaoighealláin a mhuscailt. Bímid ag iarraidh sliocht Ui Bhaoighealláin chun cabhrú linn imeachtaí clainne a eagrú in Éirinn.

Greetings to Boylans of Monaghan, Dartry County, the Parish of Currin, the town of Drum and the village of Scotshouse, of course Skerries, Coleraine, Dublin (including Kilcullen) and all other parts of Ireland.

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Registered with Finte na hÉireann

~ Clans of Ireland, since 2009

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